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以糧代金Replace gold paper with rice
The implementation method of replacing gold paper with rice is provided by the temple to provide safe rice for the believers to use, and the safe rice after the worship can be brought back to cooking. Promote the new concept of environmental protection, use new ideas, new thinking, and environmental protection to inherit the roots and values of the cultural beliefs in the hometown. Xingang Township itself is the hometown of rice, and the grain-based gold is to help farmers. Liuxing Palace is rich in food and gold, and the bag of "mijin" is full of "US dollars". It is safely presented with bags and bags. Ping An allows the peace of good faith to share, promotes environmental protection, quality and new life, and understands the importance of maintaining historic sites.
6.平安米又可做為公益捐獻,幫助弱勢團體 。
1. Use rice instead of gold paper to save energy and reduce energy.
2. Xingang Township itself is the hometown of rice. The Replace gold paper with rice is the actual action to help farmers.
3. The packaging does not do vacuum compression but instead uses a zipper to make a recyclable, when refrigerated bag.
4. Peaceful rice allows the peace of good faith to share.
5. Peaceful rice design is quite happy, bags and bags are filled with blessings.
6. Peaceful rice can be used as a charity donation to help disadvantaged groups.
7. Peaceful rice and the Agricultural Association will cooperate with each other to ensure that the quality is guaranteed. If the environment is good, Mazu will praise.